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Do Chinese students have homework to do after school?

Date : 2023-01-26 20:32:02     Views : 236℃
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Answer: Yes!

There are different ways of education in different countries and regions, and there is no good or bad in the way of education, only whether it is suitable.

At present, it is clearly required that no written homework at all should be assigned to children in the first two years of school in China; Teachers will not be allowed to use the WeChat or QQ messaging apps to assign homework or ask parents to grade students' homework; For grade three, grade four, grade five and grade six, the average time for completing written homework shall not exceed 60 minutes every day; For junior high school, the time for completing written homework shall not exceed 90 minutes every day.

We encourage every student to make use of their spare time to obtain beneficial extracurricular knowledge, to do more exercise, and do some housework, such as: cleaning, washing clothes, washing dishes, learning to cook, etc.

These methods ensure that students improve in terms of their moral, intellectual and fitness level as well as in their appreciation of aesthetics.

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