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Is New Year's Day the Chinese New Year?

Date : 2023-01-26 16:09:56     Views : 112℃
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Answer: NO!

For many countries and regions the first day on the calendar (January 1st) is the New Year. But for Chinese people, the first day on the calendar is called: New Year's Day, which is the beginning of a new year.

The New Year's Day is different from Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year is a traditional festival which has a history more than 4000 years. Later, people called the Chinese New Year: The Spring Festival.

The Spring Festival is the lunar New Year's Day of each year. On New Year‘s Eve, every family will paste couplets, cook delicious food and eat together. At 00:00 am the next day, People will burm firecrackers to drive away the beast to welcome the new day.

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