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The Chinese delicacy: rice cake

Date : 2023-01-26 19:23:20     Views : 123℃

nián gāo is also called: rice cake or new year cake. It's a traditional Chinese delicacy, in most parts of China have the custom of eating nián gāo during the Spring Festival.

The taste of the rice cake is usually sweet, of course, in each region of China, people have different eating habits, so the rice cake also has a variety of flavors.

nián gāo was originally used as an offering in ritual ceremonies before it gradually became a Spring Festival food.

In Chinese, nián gāo sounds like "getting higher year by year". The Symbolism of nián gāo The pronunciation of nián gāo sounds like 'year high', which symbolizes a higher income, a higher position, the growth of children, and generally the promise of a better year.

If you have the opportunity to travel in China, welcome to taste the Chinese delicacy: nián gāo(rice cake).

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